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Hesham M. Al-Muzain Gen. Cont. has been successfully supplying human resource to various industries.

Our Resources always helps in recruiting the right candidates for the prescribed jobs in various companies. This helps in saving time, energy and our client's money. Before we provide the company with required manpower, we check the candidates documents, behavioural interviews, training, reference cross check, legal status etc.

S. No Category S. No Category
1 Labour 25 Aramco Certified Rigger
2 Heavy Driver 26 Aramco Certified Rigger
3 Light Driver 27 Aramco Certified Rigger
4 Carpainter 28 Piping Supervisior
5 Mason 29 Scaffolding Supervisior
6 Steel Fixer 30 Fire Watch Man
7 Pipe Fitter 31 Mechanical Foreman
8 Scaffolder 32 Cml Foreman
9 Electrician 33 Civil Supervisior
10 Instrument technician 34 Tuv certified manlift
11 Instrument Fitter 35 Aramco Certified Manlift
12 Painter 36 Ipaf Certified Manlift
13 Piping Foreman 37 Tuv Certified Loader
14 Scaffolding Foreman 38 Tuv Certified Bob Cat
15 Electrical Technician 39 Wv Certified Jcb
16 Safety Officer 40 Permit Receiver Normal
17 Welder 3g 41 Permit Receiver Aramco
18 Welder4g 42 Mechanical Engineer
19 Welder 6g 43 Civil Engineer
20 Millwright 44 QA/QC Inspector
21 Mechanical Fitter 45 QA/QC Supervisor
22 Pipe Fabricator 46 Electrical QC
23 Rigger Iii Normal 47 Electrical Engineer
24 Rigger Ii Normal 48 QA/QC Manager
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